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Let StarCraft PureCOAT transform your projects.  PureCOAT is a water based clear coat that comes in Glossy, Satin, and Matte finishes!  PureCOAT is the easiest and safest way to apply a clear coat to a variety of items such as glass, plastic, metal, ceramic, wood, fabric, and paper.  This Product is excellent for use on Glitter Tumblers and to seal StarCraft Chalk & Mineral Paints.

    • Nontoxic
    • Self Leveling
    • Scratch Resistant

How to apply the PureCOAT

  • Prep the surface that is being used, by removing any of the surface impurities.
  • When sanding, wearing a mask is recommended.
  • To apply you can brush, spray or pour the PureCOAT directly onto the surface. A thin layer is all that is needed. When applying the PureCOAT be sure that there are no drips or runs of the product. The room temperature should be between 70-75℉.
  • It will take one to five coats of PureCOAT when using PureCoat as a sealer. Expect to apply up to 15 or more thin coats when building the PureCoat up for a smooth finish glitter tumbler. Dry time is one hour. Before recoating our recommendation is to wait four hours. If needed you can apply more layers. Final layers when building multiple coats may take on a “orange peel” texture. This is normal when applying over glittered surfaces due to the bumpy texture of the glitter. If your PureCoat takes on the “orange peel” texture, once fully dry, sand until smooth and apply additional coat(s) of PureCoat.
    • Important Suggestions:
      • Dry time is one hour
      • One to two hours until dry to the touch
      • Wait four hours in between applications
      • Product is not dishwasher safe
      • Do not drop, rough handle, scratch or gouge dried/cured product
      • DO NOT SHAKE as it will cause the product to have bubbles
      • Sanding (while wearing a mask) may be needed in between coats to allow even coating
      • Both Matte and Satin PureCoat require Glossy PureCoat as a base
      • Instructions and Care:
      • With a soft cloth or sponge lightly wash the tumbler
      • Do not use in extreme hot water
      • Once the application is completed the PureCOAT will be completely cured after 30 days
      • PureCOAT will continue to harden during the 30 days cure time
      • Do not soak, or use in a dishwasher, is not microwave safe