StarCraft Heat Transfer Adhesive

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The StarCraft HTA is a white Heat Transfer Adhesive. Our white color adhesive is easier to see and work with compared to other heat transfer materials on the market, which are usually clear. StarCraft HTA is perfect for adhering any of the StarCraft Electra Foils to T-shirts, totes, hats, cosmetic bags, cheer bows and so many more textile projects!

Application Instructions:

  • Temperature: 275° F/ 135° C
  • Time: 10-15 Seconds
  • Pressure: Medium to Firm
  • Peel: Hot

 Care/Wash Instructions:

  • Wait 24 hours before washing.
  • No harsh detergents, softeners or bleach.
  • Hang to dry. 

Applies to: Cotton, Polyester, Cotton/Polyester Blends, Tri-Blends*
Thickness: 75 micron
Layerable: Yes (top or bottom)
Finish: Matte/Flat
Carrier: Tacky for easier weeding
REACH Compliant: Yes**
CPSIA Certified: Yes

* Application to blends that contain Rayon/Viscose or Spandex/Elastane should be tested and applied with caution.

** REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. REACH is a regulation of the European Union, adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals, while enhancing the competitiveness of the EU chemicals industry. It also promotes alternative methods for the hazard assessment of substances in order to reduce the number of tests on animals.

*** Hang to dry is recommended to increase the longevity of the garment and heat transfer vinyl. Drying with heat may also shrink the garment and cause puckering of the heat transfer adhesive so caution is advised.