Design Guidance

The below settings are guidance to start with when cutting materials.  Always do a test cut on your material before sending a design.  A good test cut is a capital B, inside a box.  This will test many different angles of your cutter against your material.

 Product Cricut Setting Silhouette Cut Setting Heat Press Setting
Oracal 651 Vinyl Vinyl Glossy (B1/S4/F20) N/A
Aztec Glitter Glitter vinyl Vinyl Glossy (B2/S4/F20) N/A
Starcraft Printable Light Cardstock Printable Vinyl (B3/S4/F20) N/A
Aztec Luster Light Cardstock Card Stock (B1/S4/F14)


Aztec Transparent Glitter Glitter Vinyl Vinyl Glossy (B1/S7/F20)


Aztec Ultra Metallic Glitter Vinyl Vinyl glossy (B1/S7/F20) N/A
StarCraft SoftFlex Iron On Heat Transfer (B3/S8.F6) 285 degrees, 8-10 seconds, med/firm pressure, warm peel
Siser EasyWeed Iron On Heat Transfer (B3/S8/F6) 305 degrees, 10-15 seconds, med pressure, hot peel
Stahls UltraWeed Iron On Heat Transfer (B3/S8/F6) 260-300 degrees (50%+ cotton requires 280+), 12 seconds, med pressure, hot peel