About Us

We are located in Westerville, Ohio, (bordering Columbus, Ohio) and we are excited to be of service to the local community!  We are female, veteran owned, family operated small business that is community minded and focused on bringing premium supplies to be available locally.  

We also teach classes, host workshops, private parties, paint parties and more! Some of our premium brands that we carry include Siser, StarCraft, Oracal, Glitter Chimp, Counter Culture, Hogg and more!  

We are the ONLY Glitter Chimp Master Dealer in Ohio - meaning we will always have 100+ varieties of glitter in stock.

Stop in to see us, if hours don't work for you, message us - we are happy to meet when we can!

Thanks for being our friend and trusting us with your business or hobby help, 

Michelle, Adam and Dominic