TeckWrap Weeding Pen - Glitter Green

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Our Glitter Green Pen is a must-have weeding tool for flawless vinyl art. Its sleek design and ultra-sharp tip allows artists to weed even the most delicate designs and lettering.  This pen is ideal for craft vinyls, htv vinyl, scrapbooking, laptop skins, and book covers. The pointed tip efficiently picks up vinyl scraps and makes it easy to release air bubbles so your vinyl art looks smooth and professional.

With an easy grip and sturdy build, you can work with the pen for long hours without your hand hurting. Overall, this weeding pen is a lightweight, versatile option that makes your weeding a no-sweat job. The beautiful, sparkly green texture of this pen will certainly complement your elegant art! 

Features of the Glitter Green Weeding Pen

  • Highly efficient and sleek stainless steel tip 
  • Sparkly Green Glitter Design
  • Quickly releases air bubbles 
  • Precision vinyl art weeding 
  • Lightweight and easy grip 
  • Sturdy built 
  • Ideal for craft vinyl, book cover, lettering, banner art, scrapbooking.