Aluminum Cake Pan with Laserable Lid

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9" x 13" Aluminum Cake Pan with Black Lid

9x13 Aluminum Cake Pans are something almost anyone can use.  These sturdy pans have a powder coated lid that snaps on easily and securely and can be personalized!  Add a monogram or name to personalize for a house warming, wedding, or bridal shower!  Customize with a logo or other graphics to create the perfect award for a bake off! Pans do not have a non stick coating, and pans are 2 1/2" deep. Pan and lid easily snap together.  The possibilities are many, and they are available in five beautiful colors to fit with anyone's décor!

Cleaning Instructions:  The pan is dishwasher safe. The lid should be hand washed only.

Overall Size:  9" x 13"

Laser Raster settings for Powder Coated Lids:
- 35 watt DPI 600 Speed 45% Power 100%
- 60 watt DPI 600 Speed 80% Power 100%
- 120 watt DPI 600 Speed 60% Power 55%
- 80 watt -Trotec brand laser- PPI 600 Speed 45% Power 100%

Note: The recommended settings above may need adjustments for best results.
Settings will vary depending on the Brand watt and model

Clean up:  LA Awesome spray cleaner to clean up residue.